One of the areas where a Signal Booster for mobile phones would be most useful is not yet developed. The people most affected by low signal strength are in the rural backwaters of human civilization. Lower population density per given area, with lower per capita spending power , has  resulted in most large Carriers and Servers looking down their noses at such poor Customers. But in the meantime, the prices of individual phones have plummeted through the intense competition, so that most people here, from daily laborers to housewives, now own some well featured phones for their daily use. Low signal strength affects them also and they too are on the lookout for solutions. They may be on shoe-string budgets, but their combined buying power is substantial. Cell Signal Booster needs to be designed for them too.


Accessibility for Cell Phones did not come in a day. It took years before it was found suitable for all classes of men and their pockets. The general feeling is still that the problem of low or no signal strength, and unpredictability of even the most important of phone calls, belongs rightfully to the domain of the Carriers and Servers, and who alone can rectify the situation. But as time goes on, and it becomes clear that the main protagonists, the Carriers, have almost given up, it is the as-yet bit part players that have been revolutionizing the market by gracing both ends of the market, the best and the budget priced. What is now needed is greater and greater demand, to bring the prices down even farther.



Advantages of Cell Signal Booster are actually numerous. Some of these are as follows.

  • Low Signals are detected and transformed into strong signals.
  • Voice clarity is improved beyond recognition.
  • Background Noise is reduced.
  • Electronic Interference is shut out.
  • Distortion is reduced.
  • As long there is a signal, it can be multiplied over 32 times, to provide strong reception inside homes, offices and vehicles.

Price Subsidy

Though none of the Governments seem to value the Rural population enough to introduce Price and Operating Subsidies yet, the sheer economies of the market is bound to influence growth. As the price of individual units begins to decrease, the demand will start to peak. Alternative design options will make the device integral with the latest mobile cell phones. This is a story waiting to unfold.